Calendar Reminders not getting sent to all - Not correct permissions?

I am a COR. I created a Committee Meeting invite and added a couple of extra parents to the invite. My husband is one of them. I know the Committee Meeting people got the reminders, but my husband did not, but it is on his calendar if he opens SB. I went down the rabbit hole of SB trying to figure out why and when I pulled the RSVP report it says user (me) does not have the sufficient permissions to include all respondents. What does this mean and why do I not have the sufficient permissions? thanks

Did you use the Invitees button above the Scheduled Reminders panel to include your husband or did you use the External Guest option? I’m not sure if this is your issue, but Scoutbook has a note underneath the External Guest entry box:

Guest(s) will receive a notification only when Send Now from Manage Reminders is checked. Guest e-mail addresses will not be saved and they will not receive other reminders.

If so, try adding your husband through the Invitees popup. I’m not very familiar with the COR position but I know that’s a Key 3 permission so you should have sufficient permissions to do anything. Have you tried waiting and retrying or pulling the report in an incognito window?

Hi Andrew, thank you for responding. I invited the 4 others through Invitees not External Guests. This is the same area I would remove someone from the list it generates automatically which I did.

I think it might be my permissions, I look a bit closer at that. I have two permissions in SB, one is Pack Admin and that has keys next to it and one is COR with no keys. I’m wondering if that is the problem. Of course I can’t make any changes to me. I’ve reached out to my fellow Key3 to see if they can see my permissions. If not I may have to escalate this.

Again thank you for responding.

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@AmandaLavino - a COR is part of the key 3 in a unit and by default should have the 2keys shown in scoutbook. I would post your BSA ID and I would also confirm in that you are indeed listed as a COR

Hi Stephen, Thank you for responding. I am listed as COR in my.scouting. I did check that too. I think it is a Scoutbook issue.

To confirm, you successfully added people to the list of invitees but they still don’t receive the event reminders?

Hi Jacob, that is correct. I added the 4 extras, including my husband. They were on the list of invitees. I sent out the event with reminders and the 4 extras did not get the emails, the others did. When I pulled the RSVP list, I get the error message that my permissions do not include all respondents. No errors when filling out event and invitees. So weird.

Try this. Go to your troop roster page, click your name. Click the troop admin position. Make sure the I agree box is check and click update. (It has to be that exact path). Repeat for your COR position. See if that makes a difference.

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