Calendar Reminders

Request: Change the subject line of calendar reminders from “Reminder: xxxxxx” to “Notification: xxxxxx”, or something along these lines.

Justification: We have received numerous comments/complaints from parents that the prefix “Reminder” is not always appropriate with calendar emails. The use of the word “Reminder” implies at least two items:

  1. The individual receiving the email is already fully aware of the event.
  2. The event is still current.

Item 1. Parents have received notifications stating “Reminder”, when in fact, it is the first time they’ve heard about an event. This is not a reminder. Some parents have actually complained about this, and I feel that they are justified.

Item 2. When cancelling an event, the easiest method to notify everyone is to send a reminder and state that the event is cancelled. However, the email still starts with “Reminder”.

In an ideal world, there would be multiple subject lines available: Notification (first email), Update (anything in the event changing), Reminder (just a common courtesy reminder), and Cancelled (when an event will no longer happen). Acknowledging that this would be harder to implement, I am requesting that we implement “Notification” as it can cover all four of these scenarios.

I realize that this may be a minor item to be requested. However, this has caused some issues with parents, and it seems to be a potential easy modification.


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