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Calendar Search

For our rechartering they are asking when we did an FOS presentation. It would be great to be able to do a search in the calendar. All other calendars on earth have this. :slight_smile:

I know that the BSA plans on many calendar improvements, the issue is, we have to live with this one right now. :frowning:

We normally do our FOS at a Court of Honor, easy to track and most parents/guardians are already there.

We do too, but I had to say to myself, FOS, at Court of Honor, now what month? So, in all other software in the world, I would just search FOS or Court and pull up the calendar entries. Here I had to go back and say was that the fall, winter, or spring COH. I then had to check the notes of each to see which said FOS.

If you have the Feature Assistance Extension installed, you can export the calendar for the year to Excel and do a full-text search there. It’s a hack-y work around, but it works.

Another place to check might be your troop committee meeting minutes.

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