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Calendar Template

Is there any way to make a Template? For example I have a den meeting that obviously goes on all year. I have been manually adding all the parents to the invite list so they get the reminders for each event. Is there a way to make a template where the invitees, reminders, time and location could all be set up once and then just add the new date and advancement name?

I’d suggest checking out the feature assistant extension. It adds functionality that can help with this and much more.


Ok great how do I get it? Do you have a link?

@DavidLafko - the box in Jacob’s post has all of that listed. Feature Assistant - What is it ? is in blue so click on that.

Ohh sorry it was only a small box did not realize you had to click on something to expand it. New to this so bear with me LOL

@DavidLafko - oh no worries… just leading the way…

Ok so I am trying the export CVS File it says it does it but the events are not in my outlook calendar?

See my response to your other post for the best way to get it into your personal calendar.

Great thanks… Merry Christmas Everyone

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