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Camp outs and Activities ... do parents pay?

Just a quick reminder it is Scouts BSA, not Boy Scouts. My troop of girls gets upset when people call them boy scouts

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This is a good question, every pack and troop handles their finances differently and decisions are usually based on whether or not the pack or troop collects money annually to pay for campouts.
The pack and troop we belonged to did not, each youth and adult (SM and ASM included) paid for the trips they attended. The reasoning was the adults signed up to volunteer to work with youth not to enjoy an experience with their sons or daughters at the expense of other families that might be financially strapped.

Oh goodness. I just made a comment on another thread in this forum about tax advice.


What did you post, do I access it? Hope I didn’t post something that is incorrect.

When I go to camp with my son’s troop I rarely see him and I am working with youth the entire time. I am not at camp to enjoy time with my son. Granted I volunteered to help the youth but I shouldn’t be doing it at my personal expense on the backs of other parents who have a lot more money than I do but aren’t willing to work with their kids.

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Thank you its deleted

@DoreenTrontell, I posted that I am a tax adviser, and I don’t dispense specific advice in this forum, because what somebody posts is likely not the whole story, and I might lead them astray.

I do sometimes post tax-related comments of a general nature that are based on my professional experience, but these should not be relied on as tax advice by anyone.

You had a comment about volunteers taking deductions for the cost of participation (which I don’t think anyone would regard as tax advice), and I was just a bit surprised to see it about a minute after I posted my comment about tax advice, so I just blurted out.


Hi Peter,
I deleted the comment, it was what out committee had advised us to do. How can I find your post related to taxes?



We always made sure we had a reasonable count of who might attend and then divide the cost of the location and food. Most of the time we tried to camp for free and only charged like $5 per person for food. As Cub Scouts we only overnight weekend camped three times a year.

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