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Where do I find a list of Camp Songs to use in units Etc?

Harrie - there is no singular source of scout songs, but a google search provides a list of sites that have camp songs.

There is a Cub songbook available at the scout shop. Also, if you search Boy Scout Songbook on ebay, you will find a load of official versions of the BSA Songbook going back decades.

But keep in mind, many songs in the old song books are no longer considered appropriate for use by Scouts.

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Quite true. We had that discussion at a camp director meeting recently, as it seems every song the camp staff led last year involved a dead animal.

At the risk of sounding my age, is there a listing somewhere of things the BSA has officially deemed unacceptable in songs/skits/etc? I seem to recall seeing something like it a while ago, but can no longer recall where. I didn’t immediately see it in G2SS, but it could very well be there and I just missed it.

From the Wood Badge syllabus

Although skits and stunts can have a wide range of subjects and treatments, they must always be appropriate. A good test is to hold them up against the Scout Law’s friendly, courteous, and kind. Any skit or stunt that does not meet that test has no place in a campfire program. Skits and stunts should never embarrass or demean anyone or any group of people.

There are several gray areas that are best simply to avoid:

  • Religion
  • Underwear
  • Toilet paper
  • Politics
  • Inside jokes
  • Use of alcohol, drugs, or tobacco
  • Cross-gender impersonation
  • Water

Thanks, Ed. I was pretty sure I had seen a list somewhere.

I think everybody gets the “consistent with scouting values” end of the talk, but if there’s an actual list, waiting until Woodbadge might be optimistic, since many adult leaders don’t ever get around to Woodbadge.

I suggest adding “cannabis (marijuana)” to the list.

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As I stated in my post, the list came from the Wood Badge syllabus. If you want that list changed, you need to speak with the developers of Wood Badge and have the syllabus changed.

This will have the kids and leaders laughing because it’s nearly impossible to pronounce the name of the song:Let’s Go Canoeing on Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg

Water? I shall continue my songs about water.

As a person who works at TP factory, TP isn’t too bad.

Underwear? I don’t know.

The rest I can agree, although like people, each song should be judged on it own merits or lack there of.

The end goal here is to allow the professionals to make a good living without the hassle of a real program. :slight_smile:

But seriously, a great resource for songs is to contact the camp director for your nearest Girl Scout day/twilight camp. The Girl Scouts have kept the song tradition much stronger than BSA. I also noticed at summer camp a new influx of songs. And the girl troops had more people singing those songs. NOT a coincidence.

Could just say drugs and leave it at that.

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