Camping activities are being recorded twice

I entered information for camp outs for January and February 2020. The information is also being recorded for 2019. This is also screwing up the number of camp outs being counted towards OA elegibillity

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I have the same issue. However, the duplicates were entered by the scout’s previous unit leader. As a result, the scout was awarded the Camping MB erroneously. So, I would like to know how to fix the entries in IA and how to remove the erroneous Camping MB.

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@CharlesKappelman I have not seen that happen in IA - I am wondering if another leader or parent entered something - or it imported from Scoutbook

@RobertSellers1 - it is VERY hard to remove a MB once awarded according to the Guide to Advancement - even if by mistake

@RobertSellers1 The general rule in the Guide to Advancement is Once It Is Earned, It’s Earned. In some very rare circumstances, Limited Recourse for Unearned Merit Badges might apply.

If it falls under the second category, you can remove it in IA by clicking on the Scout’s name, clicking on the Approved tab, find the merit badge, then look for the 3 dots to the right of the merit badge name.

@RobertSellers1 Awarded means they have actually been presented the merit badge. If you meant something else, please clarify.

As I looked again, the MB was approved but not listed as awarded. I was able to delete it from the system. Still cannot delete the duplicate entries for camping in IA.

Please keep in mind that not all units use the “awarded” flag in IA 2.0, so it might not be an accurate representation of whether or not the Scout was actually awarded / presented with the merit badge.

I deleted both entries (Jan 2019 and Jan 2020) and re=entered the information for Jan 2020. After submitting the information, two entries are displayed, one for Jan 2019 and one for Jan 2020.

FWIW I’ve been entering dates all day today and have had no duplicate entries show up (I just checked because this thread concerned me!).

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When I’ve entered through IA2, the scoutbook entries are also on the report that were entered into Scoutbook a year ago and with parent enteries. Many duplications, this manual calculations for OA and upcoming court of honor.

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