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Camping Log in Scoutbook Has Disappeared. Why?

Until this week, I had been logging my grandson’s overnights in his Scoutbook profile. He’s a Webelos. Today, I went to log in last weekend’s 2 overnights and the camping log has disappeared. Has the camping log been done away with? Moved somewhere else?

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@CharlesPineo - when you click on the log in scoutbook what happens ? Are you redirected to scoutbook.scouting.org ? If so the logs will be there.

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The camping log isn’t there any longer.

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@CharlesPineo - I know the logs are not in scoutbook.com, they were moved to scoutbook.scouting.org. Can you provide a screen shot of what you see when you are brought to scoutbook.scouting.org ?

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Here’s a screenshot. Check url. Am I in the right place? This is where Scoutbook log-in takes me to view my grandson’s account.

What do you see when you click Activity Logs

I don’t see camping for adults either. We had a deadline to look up our camping for adults for Order of the Arrow and we had recorded diligently. NOW no nights appear?
How do we find camping nights for boy scouts either? Why are activity logs so many clicks to get to? Less is best. But I would also like frost points for adults and boy scouts as we do a winter award and now that is not found on the site, though we have 3 key looking for any sign of it. Thanks.

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Steve! I think you are on to something. One of the issues with all of this has been marketing and explanation. Many people don’t know what IA2 is. This may be a better way of explaining it. The logs are still linked to in scoutbook.com, but moved from scoutbook.com to scoutbook.scouting.org. Very nice.

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I finally found some of the logs… but it is very time consuming. Maybe it is my wifi at my location. I am off to teach a Troop on zoom for 1.5 hrs… Hoping I can locate camping nights sometime soonly. Art teacher and teaching Game Design tonight…

It keeps spinning on May, but not able to see 2019 October, November, December camping dates. Especially for an adult that camped all of those, just to find the dates. I am hopeful I can find it later or that another of the Key 3 can find it.

When I click on Ryan’s (Webelos) Activity Log, I am taken to my Venturing Crew roster (see below). I’m Committee Chair for that Crew. As my grandson’s Pack Trainer, I am not a Key 3, and we have had not guidance about any of this change from District or Council. Have not seen much on Commissioner FB site. Didn’t find much on the Scoutbook Help site either. Going forward, I’ll work with our Chartered Org Rep to get myself (Pack Trainer) to be an authorized user for the Activity Logs. Still not sure where the Camping log went. Here is what I see from my grandson’s Pack when I click on his Activity Lob:

All well and good if you are a Key 3 or designee to have rights to see things from the Pack. I’m Pack Trainer (NOT Key 3) in grandson’s Pack, but Committee Chair in a Crew. I can see Crew stuff when I click on my grandson’s Activity Log but nothing for the Pack.

I just saw a glimpse of camping from October 2019, then the page blanked out. I cannot change the May to October 2019, then Nov. 2019. I must be missing something.

See my comment below with screenshot. I’m Pack Trainer, so don’t have Key 3 rights. I will seek permission from Key 3 for access. Until this week, I could put in camping nights for my grandson; no more. Not even sure if keeping track of camping nights are still a thing.

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@CharlesPineo click Venture log top Right - does it give you options there - pretty sure we did not extend rights to “other Family Members” (and not sure we will)

Venture log top right? Where exactly? And what am I looking for?

I’m in 3 Crews, a Ship and a Pack. Only 2 of the 3 Crews appear on the Venturing tile drop-down in the upper right of my screen shown above. The Ship does not appear as a drop-down option. The Pack does not appear as a drop-down option.

Screenshot 2020-05-18 18.07.52

here is example - you see my unit positions top then my PARENT ones under

I’m a grandparent, so don’t get a “parent” dropdown. No kids still in the program; grandson only. Here’s my dropdown. Charles P IA 2.0 Unit Choices

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@MichelleHansenDaberk - could you do me a favor and click on the filter and make sure you select personal activities please. Then report back the results.filter