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Camping merit badge req. 8d

I am Jewish. One of the things one Jewish troop did was go out Sat night and return on Sunday evening. i however would go with the concept of cook like you were on a camping trip to get the requirement done. I also think you might ask national what they suggest since it is due to a religious issue. They should be able to definitively help you.

Interesting idea. I don’t see anything wrong with the concept except it will be damn expensive if you have to use a whole kosher cow or other animal. It will also need to be salted to get rid of the blood. Also if you actually get it started 1 min before the Sabbath actually starts, it can’t be touched for a little over 25 hours.

Volumn is a concern. I’m not sure if briscit for 8 would overlook … even if the scouts scaled down the pit. I was wondering if the scouts would be permitted to retrieve the cooked meat (and vegetables) for eating during the Sabbath. It sounds like you think they wouldn’t.

There is no need to cook all meals on the same weekend or trip either. Have a late dinner one weekend to cover that and on another weekend a super early lunch if you need to leave relatively early. Breakfast can be either weekend or even another weekend.
Hopefully this can be something that does not need to be over complicated. Good luck!

I tell Scouts that this is a longer merit badge. The requirements do not have to be earned all in the same camping trip. I sometimes strongly recommend that these Scouts do not do it all in the same trip if they have no previous cooking experience. As for the hiking portion, I usually run that as a separate part of the merit badge altogether. So when I do the cooking merit badge it ends up taking on average about 3 months to complete.

So many questions, yet I would say the place to start and likely end is in discussion with the scouts. Things that come to mind are - while they can’t light a fire, can they use the lit stove a (non jewish scout) lit? I am NOT advocating ditching one’s beliefs in the question. I am only saying to explore the scout’s convictions. My life experience is that one would find nothing wrong with the loophole and another person would find the idea shocking.

In the end, I am guessing that the big issue is lunch. How to “cook” lunch on a campout and not violate the sabbath. Summer camp comes to mind strongly, and you could easily skip one lunch in the hall to allow scouts to cook that meal.

You could have an early lunch or leave that for the last thing before breaking camp if you can get away with not being home early on Sunday. My troop tries to come after church lets out anyway. Plan the right meal, and you could have lunch cooked and by on the road quite readily.

In short, be creative and please let the scouts help find their way.

If you go camping in late November / early December, the sun sets at its earliest, so they could cook dinner for Saturday evening, then breakfast & lunch on Sunday.

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