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Camping Merit Badge Requirement 9b

Camping Merit Badge

Any idea why it is NOT showing complete? The scouts completed two requirements before the change below was made.

  • The Camping Merit Badge has been updated in Scoutbook to make requirement 9b optional per the COVID-19 FAQ . Requirement 9b will not be used in the Percent Complete calculation while the COVID-19 exception is in place.

It is a side effect of 9b being optional during COVID.

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I would assume that the camping badge in that state could show 100% complete, approved by the counselor, and awarded.

Once it goes back to the original state (non-optional), does that requirement 9 check box then simply go back to blank, or does it revert to completed for a Scout who has completed the two required experiences?

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I would expect completed MBs to remain unchanged when the COVID exception expires. For incomplete MBs, a leader will probably have to edit one of the 9b requirements to get requirement 9 to be marked completed. We won’t know for sure until the exception expires.

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If it is otherwise complete - try simply checking the Complete box and adding the date.

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