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Camping Social Distancing

Being a rural Troop has it’s advantages. We have required the boys to sleep in their own tents unless they are close family (brothers or father-son). Cooking hasn’t really been a problem over a campfire setting. Normal hygiene along with making sure the fire is between the cook and any assistants unless necessary seems to do the trick. We are fortunate enough to have a generous patron who has a private ranch with a stocked lake. He has provided us with access to the lake as long as we inform him about it. We haven’t missed a monthly campout yet. We aren’t a large Troop either so that helps with distancing around campfires in the evening. We are blessed also with a very low rate of covid 19 cases also. The entire county has a count of 160 with no fatalities as of yesterday.

Most troops have 2-4 weeks between campouts, so I assume all live viruses are dead.

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Myth busters, (WHO)

International and national advice appears to vary, The above WHO advice applies to outdoor exercise. One meter is about three feet. The social distancing standard of 6 feet is about 2 meters. Local health authority may require wearing a mask.

Thanks to your post, I went to the CDC website and in addition to what you have mention, it has a really good section on camping:

CDC Suggestions on Youths, Camping and Summer Camps

Hope this helps! :+1:

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Thanks. This is good information. Much of it I can cut and paste for communication with the troop.

For tents, I am thinking of assigning scouts the same tent for the entire season or bring your own. While I believe the virus will die off in between trips … better be safe and at least, easing the minds of parents and scouts.

Why not just have one scout per tent? Does the troop not own enough to cover?
Then if you want to assign one tent per scout for the season, it makes sense to me.
If you are worried enough about the virus lingering in the tent between camp outs, how you are you sentencing exposure to scout who shares the tent with the positive (hopefully asymptomatic) scout?
I would never allow my sons to share a tent with anyone besides a family member, and no one would call me a germophobe…

I’m guessing you’ve never been to the Petri dish called summer camp… :laughing: Some Troops are on tight budgets and need to share tents. I can’t imagine in unit leader not allowing a Scout to camp in his or her own tent if requested.

Until things settle down with this virus people will be taking extra precautions with exposure. With that said, we can’t live in a plastic bubble forever. We all have to take the information we know and do the best we can to navigate the challenges.

I’m personally into having each Scout own their own tent. If your family can’t afford there are ways to step up and help. I think people in general will take better care of things they own rather than what they are borrowing.

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I think I said in a previous post…one scout per tent unless they are brothers residing in the same home.

My thought would be to have each scout assigned the same borrowed troop tent for the entire year. Sign out the tent at the beginning of the year and bring it back at the end of the year.

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Not every unit can afford a tent for each Scout, and not every family can afford their own tents.

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Interesting story is that many in my troop had made note of the amount on a campout just before we went to a huge council wide campout. On the council campout we used paper plates and disposable flatware. But… we also reduced the amount of our trash at the same time. The secret was we reduced the amount of packaging the food came in.


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