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Can A Charter Organization Require Vaccinations as a requirement of Troop Membership?

For what it’s worth, several colleges around here (metro Detroit) are requiring COVID vaccinations for any students that want to live on campus in the fall. I can’t imagine that being kosher while chartered organizations cannot require vaccines.

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You won’t find any reference to a charter org being able to add rules in any document. I linked the current registration guide book that is about as final on the topic as you’ll find.


Adding more YP training and separate background checks is certainly ok but if you think about it a Scout could go to outside MB counselor that didn’t go through either. That adult met standards that were different.

This is just a really good example that the situation on the ground doesn’t always match the written rules. If our charter org implements a vaccination rule we will be following it.

But if you want to be strict to the rules, no, a charter org can’t add rules for membership beyond what the BSA requires.

@KevinCarlyle try again you are comparing apples to oranges. MBC is a council position - not a unit position.


It says in the Registration Guidebook:

That pretty explicitly says Chartered Organizations can add requirements for membership…


Our family has decided that we do not want to get the vaccine and we believe the BSA should respect our decision and not require it nationally. Charter organizations should do the same.

When I created this thread in Dec of 2020 it was directed more to vaccines in general and not Covid. There are families out there that do not believe in any vaccines which is there right. While you don’t want to take the Covid shot, do you allow your kids to be vaccinated with the one that most public schools require? Also, if you do participate in vaccinations, how would you feel about your child interacting with other children that have no vaccinations?

I was wondering how a Troop that believes any Scout that wants to be a member of it must have the typical vaccinations required in public school or find another Troop can make that policy. I don’t know of any Troop making such a mandate as was mainly a hypothetical question

Want to clarify. I believe strongly in the use of vaccines. However I am concerned in long-term effects of this vaccine. Normally when they make a vaccine, it takes 6-7 years in which they can find many long term effects. In this vaccine, there is no way they could know that information yet. While I am convinced it is safe in the short term, I just don’t want there to be any effects on my children later in their life.

The BSA has not had a stance one way or the other. I assume your chartered org is the same. The question was asked could the chartered org require it. I assume they could since they can set the safety standards.

My assumption in the real world is that no one will be forced to get a vaccine to participate. This will especially be true as long as it has been approved under emergency rules. Who knows what about he future brings. Will this be like tetanus that is required for some camps? Even that has an exemption route.

I suggest we close this thread. It isn’t because I’m getting the last word. Even let a few more comments and then close it. I don’t know if it is doing anything productive other than exposing confusion, hypotheticals (by me and others), and potentially political divisions. None of that is helpful. Sorry to have added to the noise.

Ok sports fans… I have cancer among other high risk issues and I will be vaccinated. This is an RNA vaccine as opposed to other carrier vaccines. Beyond that it is not tin foil Tuesday


You do what is best for you and i’ll do what is best for me thank you very much.

Contagious diseases don’t work that way. What you do affects me and my family directly.

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I think this topic is done thank you very much


Ultimately, this is a legal question. And the answer might be different based on local and state laws.

For this reason, I am going to close this topic.