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Can a scout who is Lion age, join the Tiger den?

We have a dilemma in our Pack. We have only one Lion scout. Leadership wants to put him into the Tiger den so that he is not alone as a Lion Den of only one person. Can we formally do this from an age/grade requirement perspective?

What I would recommend is keep the Lion Scout in the Lion program (he continues to work out of the Lion Handbook, etc.), but he can meet with the Tiger Scouts so he isn’t alone. If the pack gets more Lions over the school year, it would be relatively easy for the Lion Den to split off and do its own thing.

You could assign the same leaders to both dens in Scoutbook.


Yeah but can he technically join as a tiger. That’s what I’m asking. Is it allowed?

You need to talk to your council - but technically NO - as it would cause issues when that den advances to Troops


I have the same issues, only one or two boys in each of the Lion and Tiger groups. I have them meet together and do activities together, but retain the Lions in the Tiger group for a second year as the older boys move on. First time I tried to have both, I lost too many Lions moving over that said the programs were too similar. I agree. Both require family support. I treat it similar to the two year Webelos program.

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The rank they work on is primarily based on the grade they are in. Multiple ranks may meet together when dens are small. Here’s a program that is pretty popular for multi-rank dens.

As has been said, program is by grade.

The lack of any common program between grades, even electives, except for 4th/5th, is one of the big issues with Cubs that has appeared as units shrunk. Doing a one kid program is way harder than you would think until you experience it.

The 11-17 program at least you can include an 11 and 17 year old in the same merit badges, same camping program and all that.

I see “Den Camping” as a concept and we’re a size that anything less than pack camping is a bad idea.

I feel your pain, but the program is set up that way because the developmental differences between kids a year apart in grade school are massive compared to those differences in junior high and high school.

And, even still in our Troop with kids ranging from 12 to 17, there’s still a big difference in what they’re doing, and that’s reflected in the rank requirements, even though the age limits have been removed. Everything the Scouts learn up to First Class essentially boils down to “how to be a Boy Scout”, while the higher ranks focus more on leadership, service, and personal development. So while they camp together, the 12 year olds and 17 year olds are working on different aspects of the program.

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I think it goes both ways. If the programs had more commonality, you’d get complaints that they do the same things over and over.