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Can adults dropped at recharter rejoin using online application?

We had to drop several of our adults at recharter because they could not get their act together and get their YPT renewed in time. As they get their YPT renewed, I am wondering if they can use the online application to rejoin the troop? Basically, is the online application only able to be used for people new to BSA or can existing BSA members use it to join (or rejoin) a unit?


Good question! I had not considered that the improved online registration system might have added this feature.

Last we heard it is just for new

I think there’s a chance it would work with the enhancements that have been made.

The challenge is that this time of year if they get added to your roster before your recharter is processed, will they get dropped once it is?

Also, the online system is pay via credit card only. So, if your unit pays their fees, you’d have to take paper.

@RickHillenbrand - Rick can this be added to the FAQ?

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When I had a problem with adding and dropping names to the rechartering list that had already been submitted, I sent an e-mail to my Council Office. After a couple of exchanges, it was taken care of.

The question was about an adult using the online app.

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@BonnieMartin - Sorry for the delay getting an authoritative response. Simply, YES (if your council permits on-line adult applications). The “system” will know who you are if you use the same e-mail, name, DoB and zip code.

@Matt.Johnson - We will work to get the FAQs updated too.

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