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Can an adult be a member of the committee for 2 different Troops?

I’ve got a mother who wants to be a Committee member for both her sons’ Troop and also for her daughter’s Troop. Is this allowed? The two troops aren’t related to each other in any way except for the fact that both are part of Sam Houston Area Council.

it is allowed - no issue at all

Yes. However, she does need to submit 2 adult applications and be approved by both Charter Org. Reps.

Hi, @JeanannGoss,

The only BSA prohibitions regarding holding multiple positions is on multiple positions within one unit (unless one of those is Chartered Org Rep).

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Thanks, I will wait for her first application for her daughter’s troop to be processed and then submit the one for the boys’ troop.

@JeanannGoss, you may have already though of this, but just in case…

In order to reduce the chance of creating a second Scoutbook account, I would recommend including the BSA ID from whichever position is submitted first on the application for the second position. That way, both positions will (hopefully) be associated with the same BSA ID by the registrar, and show up on the same Scoutbook account.

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Also, please mark the application as a multiple registration. I have seen an adult registration changed from one unit to another, instead of adding an additional position, because the registrar did not know.

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On the BSA adult application in the section “To be completed by unit”, be sure that you fill in the circle next to “Multiple application” and use the same BSA ID # that is on her Youth Protection Training (YPT) certificate:

I always put the BSA# if known if the Enter membership number… field even if this is the first time the adult is registering.

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There is an additional upside to being an adult member of different units. Once you pay the BSA dues which include insurance, etc. with the first unit (none of which the unit keeps unless the unit assesses additional adult member dues), the additional units are free, just paperwork.

How is this administered? When I joined the Committee for a girls Troop, I filled out paperwork and my accounts were synced, however, I was charged again. Do we think this is an error with the Troop (easily refunded) or might I need to hit up National/Council for the double-dip?

There is a Multiple Registration bubble near the bottom of the application. This is the section that tells everyone you should not be charged a 2nd fee.

I’d check with your troop to see.

I’m not sure what you mean by, “How is this administrated?” The troop should have never collected the fee for national insurance and registration ($33). Remember that the troop may have dues for adult members, which you will have to pay. If the troop inadvertently collected fees for insurance and national registration, then they need to contact council to get their money back and they need to refund you.