Can I get help merging two accounts?

I was trying to check my daughter’s access to MYST and when her SSO didn’t work, I thought she didn’t have a MYST account. I shouldn’t have, but created a new one. This new account has a new BSA ID, but is now linked via SSO to her accurate BSA ID in Scoutbook. She cannot access her accurate MYST account.

Her good BSA ID is 135311771 and Scoutbook UserID is 8529563

Her new bad BSA ID is 14041812

I would like them merged so that both systems see her as 1351171. ALL of her advancement and training is on that number(1351171).

TIA for any help you can give!



You will need to contact your Council to merge BSA Member IDs.

noooooo! don’t make me

they already have so much they are behind on

rant over.

Okay, thanks! I’ll go the proper route. maybe it will be fixed in April when recharters are all finally processed


We would love to help you but only registrars have the ability to merge MIDs.

One thing you can do to help avoid problems is log in to the correct ID, go to Manage Member ID then add the “new” MID as a secondary ID.

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Thanks! I know you guys are always so helpful!

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