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Can Lion Den Leader access Den Leader Experience?

I just register as a Lion Den Leader and I am not able to log in to Den Leader Experience. Can Lion Den LEader access Den Leader Experience?

You are registered as a Lion Guide, not Den Leader. You must be registered as a Den Leader in order to use DLE. While the Lion program was a pilot, the leader of a Lion den was a Lion Guide. When the Lion program became a regular program, the leader’s position was changed to Den Leader.

The Charter Org Rep should be able to use the positions function of the roster in my.scouting.org to change you to a Den Leader.


Lion Guide isn’t a thing in Scoutbook, so being assigned as a Lion Den Leader (or assistant DL) is the only option. To answer the question, yes. If you’re a registered adult leader and assigned as a Lion Den Leader in Scoutbook by a Scoutbook Pack Admin. Yes, you can access the Den Leader Experience for the Lion Den. If OP can’t access the Lion DL Experience, I’d be willing to bet Scoutbook has them only as a registered leader that hasn’t been assigned yet. Pack Admin/Committee Chair/Cubmaster should assign you as the Lion Den Leader in Scoutbook.

You can also access the Den Leader Experience if you are assigned as a Den Admin to a den in Scoutbook.

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