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Can someone please explain in detail how sync of member data works?

I understand that when a new app is entered at Council, the info will flow to Scoutbook. Hopefully, if the member is already in Scoutbook, and the names match exactly, the record will be updated. After that, it’s a blur to me. What if a phone number, email address, or physical address changes? Should the update be made in my.scouting, in Scoutbook, or both? (I worked with Lotus Notes for years, and understand all too well the concept of “replication conflicts”) Having up-to-date contact information is key to the Unit running smoothly, and we want to understand the “best practice” for keeping that information current. Thanks

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Once the account is synced with the correct BSA ID#, changing anything in the ScoutBook Profile but the BSA ID#, and DOB, should only be reflected in ScoutBook. Currently the member information sync is one way to ScoutBook from Akela. If you want the change to go into the Akela database you should put in an application with the changes to Council.

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And even if it changes in AKELA not all things push to Scoutbook - we do not have a complete list

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Follow up question: if contact information changes, say mid-year, and it is updated in Scoutbook - at recharter, does the new current address appear or what was listed in last year’s charter? I am working on my Commissioner College masters thesis, topic is on recharter.

Elizabeth - the best and safe position is to opt for one way sync…akela to scoutbook. So if you change any personal information in scoutbook it would remain there. Admittedly it is best to keep scoutbook up to date then at recharter post the changes. In the best scenario the entire set of data domains should dynamically reflect changes. If that happens then recharter becomes a formality.

Presently, updates to member info will not update any other systems.

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