Can’t Access 2016 version of Hiking MB

I have a scout that completed his last requirement for Hiking MB - the 20 mile hike. I’m trying to approve it but the tab on his profile is on 2023-2024. When I click on 2016, I get an error. The 2012 and 2013 tabs work. I also tried to approve via “Quick Entry for Merit Badge Counselors” on the dashboard but the Scout’s name is grayed out for 2016. What can I do?

Post the Scout’s BSA Member ID (no names) and we will look.

If the name is greyed out it means they are on a different version


Thanks. BSA 134219639

I am unable to place him in the correct version. 2016 is giving me an error message. He started the merit badge in 2021 and just finished the last requirement.

It’s been fixed. Thank you for your help!!!

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