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Can’t connect new Scout to Parent who was Eagle Scout

I’ve scoured the forums and didn’t see anything about this. We have 3 parents in this same situation- basically Dad was an Eagle Scout and when they are logging in to see their new Lions ScoutBook account they can only see their own info.

We did do the normal routine of adding their scout first, then added them as a parent connection and invited them to connect. When they use the invitation link that came from Scout Book the above happens.

How is this fixed so the Parents who are Eagle Scouts can see their Scout?

being an eagle has nothing to do with it - sounds like they have 2 BSA #s in the same council perhaps. perhaps a screen shot from one of the fathers account (with names blurred) and a screenshot from the admin account would help.

When adding new adults, are you using the “Search For Existing User” in Scoutbook?

Many of us who are Eagles, particularly if we are members of NESA, have a “residual” BSA ID from our youth. I’ve seen this in several cases in our own unit.

Are the adults logging in with their my.scouting credentials, or with their email addresses? If with their SSO credentials, have they tried to Switch SSO in their profiles at Scoutbook?

Not sure how to fix the situation but once an Eagle always an Eagle!:grin:

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Our Committee Chair solved the issue, but I’m not sure how. I received another email invitation for my Parent account to connect with my son’s account, and that solved it.

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