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Can’t pull advancement report from old council

We moved from one council to another and I recently became a registered leader again. I can no longer pull my sons advancement report from the old council. His old bsa number is 135208407

One of your unit Key 3 (CM,CC,COR) or a Key 3 Delegate should be able to pull the advancement report with the BSA ID and last name. It even pulls up my records from when I was a youth using the Scouts BSA History Report.

@MelissaLewis I see Longhorn, California Inland - what council is Scout in now?

@MelissaLewis OK you are in Longhorn now then - P251?

He’s in longhorn council now. If you look at the second longhorn council it has the bad number for pathways to the Rockies. The key three is no help on this. I was the committee chair when he was in pathway to the rockies

@MelissaLewis ok it is cleaned up - along with your and Richards accounts - enjoy Cove

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