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Can the Founder Patch Be Worn By the Girl Troop Which Shares the Same Unit Numbers as the Boy Troop?


The boy scout troop that I have been with for many years now have started a new troop for the girls. Both troops share the same unit numbers and committee. Since the troop for the girls is small, they have been observing and learning what the boys’ troop does for their weekly troop meeting. The leaders of the girl troop want to have the same expectations that the boys’ troop was built with many years ago.

One question or issue that parents and leaders have is about the Founder Strip Patch. Should the founder patch be worn by the scouts and leaders of the girl troop who share the same unit numbers as the boys’ troop?

One argument is that if those who are involved with the troop for the girls can wear the founder’s patch, it will be misleading because technically, they were not the original founders of the troop. The founders of the troop established the boys’ troop and chose the unit numbers about 20 years ago. The girl’s troop chose to share the same unit numbers. This might also make the boys jealous that the girls can wear a unique patch, and they can’t, even if they share the same unit numbers. An important point to point out is that some of the assistant scoutmasters who are involved with the girls’ troop are also still involved with the boys’ troop as assistant scoutmasters as well.

Another argument is that the leaders and scouts do deserve to wear the founder patch, but change the unit numbers. Everyone recognizes how much dedication and work it takes to start a brand new unit, so it is fair that they can wear the founder patch but under different unit numbers.

How did other troops resolve this conflict? Please voice your opinions. Thank you!

As it is a separate charter I would think so


We are a linked troop same number and charter assts work for both troops we gave the girls founders patches

@ScottAlquisa, I would say yes they can as the are legally separate Troops, no different than is you started a Pack or Crew with the same number.


The Founder’s Bar is “Worn by all youths and adults whose names are on a new-unit charter or who join the new unit before it recharters for the first time; members of veteran units still in operation who were on the original charter may also wear the bar.”

Even when a boy and girls Troop are “linked” in that they share the same committee, chartering org, some leaders, and even the same unit number, they are in fact a separate Troop and deserve to be run as such, and not just tagalongs to the established boys Troop. The founding members, youth and adults, of that new Troop are entitled to wear the Founder’s Bar as long as they remain in the unit.

For adults chartered to both Troops, since they are two separate Troops, will have to decide for themselves to wear the Founder’s Bar on their uniform, or not. I would hope they would. It does nothing to disparage the legacy of the Troop for boys to celebrate the founding of a new Troop for girls. The members

The unit number is not exclusive to just the boys Troop. Most chartering orgs that have a Pack, Troop, and Crew all use the same unit number for consistency, so why then would a girls Troop under the same chartering org be forced to take a different number? For what it is worth, Troops with the same number in a council are nothing new due to mergers over the years. In the BSA database, they are assigned unique numbers as determined by the council, which doesn’t impact what the unit is known as or wears.

Another point is that once the boys Troop hits 25 years, they qualify for the Veteran Unit Award, and all of the boys and leaders chartered to that Troop may wear the Veteran Unit Award bar between their Council patch and Troop numbers, and can add the Veteran Unit Award to their Troop flag. This is something that members of the Boys Troop will get to wear that the members of the girls Troop will not wear for another 24 1/2 years from now, unless they join the boys Troop as an adult leader sometime in the intervening two decades.


Thank you @DonovanMcNeil, @CraigVoss, & @KenTodd for your replies!

Thank you @BryanBlair for taking the time to type out this thorough explanation. I think this best answers the troop’s question. I will be forwarding your response to the leaders and committee members.

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