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Can Treasurer be a Den Leader?

Can a Den Leader also be Treasurer?

Technically no - a leader is either on the Scout side (Den Leader, Cub master, etc) - or Committee Side (Chair, treasurer, etc)

In reality it happens all the time.


And, no.

The only person who can hold two registered positions in a unit is the COR who can also in register as a member of the committee.

That said it is very commonplace for a registered member to serve multiple roles, ie a treasurer (registered as committee member) and also serving unregistered as a den leader.

Or, vice versa.

It’s not ideal but its not prohibited.

Well, that changed in the fall of '18 or '19 (I can not recall) when den leader training was revised to read that den leaders and the Cubmaster are members of the committee.

Which is nonsense as there’s still different training plans for chair, committee, Cubmaster, and den leader.

The den leader and Cubmaster training are missing modules found in Committee and Chair training. If they (DLs and CMs) truly are committee members they are not trained to the same skill sets as MCs.

Well that is cause every Cub committee has been DLs for years if not decades

Then, technically your comment is wrong and yes, a den leader can also be treasurer.

It’s this way as ignorant Scouters have decided to do as they please until what’s wrong becomes right by mob rule.

Thanks for the quick guidance. It’s definitely confusing, and I didn’t see clear reference in the registration guidebook.

Sounds like the best option will be to have this person be an “unregistered” assistant den leader as well as Treasurer. I’m sure that will cause minor headaches on the administration of the den leader side in Scoutbook. Par for the course.

They can register in one position and fill in as needed in others.

The key is register.

If they wish to pursue awards it’s best to register as a den leader.

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I think (or hope) we can all agreed that being registered is required to serve as an adult leader in a scouting unit. I tend to lean in the direction of registering for the “youth-contact” positions over the “administrative” positions, assuming your unit has enough registered committee members to meet recharter requirements. This is doubly true if the “primary” role is going to be that youth-contact position.

In terms of training, I have generally taken the training for both my registered position and for any “extra” roles I take on in addition to my registered role. It’s usually not that big a deal if you smear it over time.

When doing recharter there is a section in their profile to put in additional roles that they may have in the unit. They will have a primary role and you can assign up to like 5 additional roles. The caveat is that you have to have the required positions for recharter filled as primary roles. I believe this is COR, CC, 2 CM, 1 cubmaster, 1 den leader. As was stated above the COR is the only person that can fill two roles, and I may be mistaken, but I believe they cannot fill two of the key 3 roles.

So while a person can certainly be listed as both a den leader and a committee member the primary role is going to depend on the needs of the unit for rechartering. As always I encourage volunteers to be trained in any position they are doing, either officially or unofficially.


Fully on board that this person will be a “registered” leader.

We have enough committee members to meet recharter, so looking through the above advice we could have this person register as den leader as a youth-facing position and then also serve as Treasurer.

Either way, it’s possible. Which in these times is all I can ask.

Really appreciate you all taking the time to respond.

Is that new? I had always been told that an adult can only serve in one registered position in any unit. Or is it just the same thing said differently?

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It has been this way in the online rechartering for a couple of years that I am aware of.

You can assign the den admin position to a registered leader that is not the DL or ADL, but still needs access to the den for Scoutbook. That den will show up on their dashboard and they can even access the den leader experience Scoutbook for that den with the den admin position.

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It is prohibited. Specifically. Clearly. Unequivocally. You may NOT be a den leader and treasurer. Period.

The limited, very limited, exception is that the COR may serve on the committee.

No one may register in more than one position in the same unit, except the chartered organization representative.


The chartered organization representative (CR) is the only adult allowed to hold two positions in the same unit. The CR may hold multiple positions as committee chairman (CC), a committee member (MC), a new member coordinator (NM), or in the case of packs, a pack trainer (PT).


Nope. A person cannot register as den leader and committee member, as BOTH are considered “unit position” and no one may service in two “unit positions” (except a limited exception for the COR who can also be on the committee). Den leader is a “unit position”, so is a committee member (and ALL treasurers must be committee members). Again, this is really, really black letter no kidding stuff. If you have access to the money, BSA has strict rules about this.

Every pack has a pack committee, which consists of at least three members (chair, secretary, and treasurer).

If you try, the charter/recharter system will reject it. If you are allowing a den leader to serve as treasurer, you are out of compliance.

For a list of the “unit position” vs. “functional role” (which a person CAN have multiple functional roles) see https://www.scouting.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Registration-Guidebook.pdf

Pack Committee Member is the “unit position” (MC), Unit Treasurer is the “functional role” (Code 123)


You cannot register as a unit treasurer. As you point out it is a role and NOT a position but a role. The recharter system only looks for 2 committee members. Here is the requirements from the PDF you posted for a cub scout unit:

Notice it says “2 MC”, and nothing about a treasurer. It is a best practice to have a chair, secretary and treasurer which is why it is in parenthesis in the web page you posted.

An adult leader other than the COR CANNOT have 2 registered positions in the same unit. The BSA is smart enough to understand that does not mean they won’t have more than one job in the unit.

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Our pack has mostly den leaders attending our committee meetings, doing the monthly planning, and executing the events.

We ask all den leaders and assistants to take their den leader training. For those wanting to participate on the committee, we ask them to also complete committee member training.

Yes, most are doing the jobs of more than one position. However, they are only registered in one position.


I definitely did not understand this Position Code List before - that people can have multiple “unit functional” positions, but not multiple “unit” positions. Unit Treasurer is on the “Unit Functional Positions” list which would mean they could also serve in a “unit” position such as Den Leader.

That said, it would be very weird for the treasurer to also be the committee chair for example, which in this scenario seems allowable, but would not make sense from a fiscal responsibility perspective.


The unit treasurer is supposed to be a registered committee member and not a den leader. It is a “functional position” of the registered committee members.