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Can you run a Trained MB Counselor List?

Does anyone know if in scoutbook or some other place if there can be a merit badge counselor training list run? Even if it is just one of the Key 3 people. I can only find trainings if the mb counselor happens to also be on the committee. Our district/council has a new rule as of Nov 1st that all mbs need to be trained before they can be a counselor. I don’t have a problem with that but I’m not sure how to figure out who is trained and who is not. I really don’t want to have to keep files on training certificates when it seems like there should be a report that can be run.

Yes, I asked my district. No, I did not hear back from them.
Also, I’m curious how long it takes other councils to approve mb counselors.

Many thanks!

New MB Counselor Training Requirements

Effective November 1st, Merit Badge Counselor training will be required by Council. Neither an online application will be accepted nor a paper application submitted to our registrar without the new applicant having completed MBC training.

This can be done in a couple of ways. The quickest method is to complete the merit badge counselor training in the BSA Learn Center. The curriculum is shown as taking 34 minutes. The other method would be the in-person course which can be taught within the District or taken at the University of Scouting. Either way, this training is a “one and done.”

What about those who are already registered as a counselor and who haven’t completed this training? They will be given until December 31, 2022 to complete the training. 14 months is an adequate time to complete the training. Beginning with renewal for 2023, any counselor not having completed the training will not be renewed.

This is good training and a reminder of the basics of MB counseling. We encourage anyone who is a MB Counselor to take the training ASAP and, that way, you won’t totally forget and get dropped December 31, 2022.

What’s your role (e.g. unit leader vs district) and how broadly (unit, district, council) are you trying to check training? How efficiently and using which tools likely depends on what organizational level you’re trying to run the checks on.

I would think that the Trained Leader reports should show that information at the district or council levels. For individuals, you could use the legacy training validation at my.scouting.org if you have their BSA ID numbers.

This has to be done at the district or higher level. Technically the MBC is a member of the district and not any one unit. You need to get in touch with your district advancement/training/DE/Commissioner/whoever else you know to find out about this. Ultimately it will fall on district/council responsibility to ensure that they MBC found in scoutbook are in fact authorized to be on that list (i.e. training etc.).


I’m on our troop committee as the merit badge coordinator. So I convince parents to sign up to be mb counselors and submit them to the district. I ask each of them to do the training. I’m only looking to verify our troop mb counselors.

ok thanks. That’s what I was afraid of. Sadly our district is not timely in their responses. So far I’ve literally been trying for 2.5 months to register new mb counselors and add some new mbs to current counselors and all I get are crickets. Not real hopeful in getting a report. Sounds like my only solution is to get the counselors to email me a copy. I find this ridiculous.

Ah. I fill the same role for my unit. :^)

I would get their BSA ID from your roster, then go through each one in the Training Validation tool. It will probably be somewhat time consuming.

You might also be able to make some points with the district folks by sending them (district training chair is the best target) your list of troop-affiliated MBCs with the associated BSA ID and asking which ones need the training. Tell them you’re going to follow up with the ones who do, and the DTC will be thrilled to have the help.

It also shows whether or not you’re position-trained on your profile in my.scouting, so your MBCs should be able to show you that they’re finished with just a screenshot. :^)

ETA: Oops. Missed that you had already triedthe district. @JohnGeiser is right.

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If you are not getting responses from your district you need to move up the chain. Contact your council service center and see if you get a response.



I do not know what you mean by “submit them to the district”

Registering MBCs usually means:
a. Completing youth protection training
b. Submitting an BSA adult application with position code 42 for MRC on it and a background check authorization.
c. Submitting a MBC application information form annually
d. Waiting for security check to complete (usually 1 week to a month)
e. Vetting of MBC’s qualification for each merit badge they are planning to be a MBC for. (Some merit badges require additional training and certification of non-BSA training/licensing.)

The application form, background check authorization, youth protection training certificate and MBC information form are normally submitted directly to the council service center (council registrar) because the contain personal information.

The primary references are the

Forms are available for download from the BSA national forms page.

Check with your council service center. Some councils have local requirements due to government laws and regulations.

One of the problems I have seen in at least one council is that when BSA was focusing on top-leader training, people who took the Merit Badge Counselor (MBC) basic position-specific training never had that training officially recorded. The fastest way to fix that is for the MBC to take the online training from BSA Learn Center.

I understand that. The wording you took was from our district email that I posted. I have no problem getting people to take the training. The problem is there is no way to run a report to make sure all of your mb counselors are trained. You have to ask each of them to send you proof to keep on file or ask your district to look them up one by one. Not efficient. If you make a new requirement, have a way for the troops to verify easily.

@MeganWoodman well the difficulty is from your Council - not BSA - they are saying they have to be trained. If they want to check each one let them, why would it fall on a unit, MBC is council or district position, not a unit position.

Thanks. I do understand the mbc registration process and my question has nothing to do with the process. I was just trying to figure out how to run a report to verify my troop counselors are trained. There is no easy way so we will just request mb counselors send us their training screenshots.

I hear you! This all stems from us wanting our counselors to use scoutbook to track scout mb progress. If they aren’t in scoutbook then no mb listed and no blue check = not officially a mb counselor and can’t connect a scout to them in scoutbook.


Well last I looked the training did not cover SB? And all MBCs are by default in SB. If their MBs are also in SB is up to the process the council decides to follow.
If they enter MBs in ScoutNET which is the national standard, then all MBCs and their MBs are instantly in SB.
If they choose to upload an MBC/MB list periodically to SB, then it is a slower process to get the MBs attached to the MBC in SB.

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so effective Nov 1st our “council” will not accept any new merit badge applications unless the 34 minute MB counselor training is done.

I have no clue as to how they enter the information. From what I found out last night the person left the job so this is really where the problem lies at the moment. All I wanted was a simple report and that doesn’t exist.

I suspect the report does exist (district- or council-level trained leader reports).
It’s just not available at the unit level because, as has been mentioned multiple times, MBCs aren’t unit-level positions, so the BSA doesn’t expect unit personnel to need to find that information. Sounds like a headache all around.

The report does exist. You just haven’t found the person with the right permissions and the knowledge to filter the current reports down to what you need. I am the district training chair for my district and I look at specific positions for number not trained all the time. They just need to run the trained leader report and export it to a CSV detailed document and filter it just like you would any other table. Excel basic knowledge is all it really takes. They can even filter it in the BSA online report as well, although I don’t like doing it that way.


Last night my Council Advancement Committee discussed requiring MBC training to register or renew as an MBC. Since it is not a National standard, it would fall upon the Council registrars to check for the training.

It was decided to just highly recommend the training to all MBCs and not add to the Council staff’s workload.

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You might also check with your Council Registrar.
My Council has an exceptionally good one. She can do everything. But then she worked for National for a while.
Anyway, that position should be able to run that report. As well as the other positions mentioned here. The benefit is that the Registrar is a Council employee and might therefore be more responsive.
And, your problem of timeliness is endemic. I once had a parent complain that it took a volunteer a week to get back to him. I had to keep from laughing.

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