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Canceled trip and JTE

Our tear 3 trip, 10 days canoeing down the Yukon River was canceled at the last minute because of the Alaska Marine Highway went on strike. We where unable to find an alternative transportation option that we could afford. As one of my parents said “we are turning a $500 trip to $1000 trip. A year of planning, training, and 10 days of food and equipment for nothing.
Because we did all the prep work and the trip was canceled because of a situation completely out of our control should we count it as completed for JTE?

Personally, I would not count it, because it was cancelled. There are other categories in which to earn points for JTE.

Sorry this happened at the last minute, though. :frowning_face:


Welcome to the world of real adventure! I think it’s to your benefit to be brutally self-critical with your JTE.
You have four months to attempt an alternative super-activity (that still contains cost). It would be a morale boost to your crew if you could do so.
If not, look to other categories where you could “lean in” .

It’s not really about JTE at this point. It’s about your crew growing from this experience and overcoming discouragement.

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