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Cannot add a merit badge to an existing connection

I’m a MBC and am trying to connect with a scout (existing connection) on another merit badge (bugling). However, when he looks at our connection, he does not see bugling as an option for another merit badge to connect on. I don’t see any place for me to add this merit badge for him, from my end.

I’m a valid MBC for Bugling - it shows up in my list in Scoutbook.

Any thoughts about how to connect on this merit badge? Is there something simple that we’re missing perhaps? Or is there possibly a roundabout way that I should approach this instead?

TIA for any help!

Pretty sure a merit badge cannot be started that way - either the Scout/Parent/or unit needs to START the merit badge in Scoutbook

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Maybe that’s the step we’re missing - I will see if they tried to start the merit badge before trying to assign a counselor. I assumed that they had, but perhaps not…

@HowardHess - you may already have this but here is the help section:

Thanks, Stephen! I’ve reached out to the parents, to ensure that they actually did open up the merit badge in Scoutbook. If they did, perhaps next step might be to get his BSA ID and try to connect from my end again, as described in the help section you shared.

@HowardHess - if you are already connected that step is no longer needed…

using MID and last name should START the MB - not sure if it would work on Scout you are already connected to though

Success! Donovan hit the nail on the head - he just had not opened up the merit badge in Scoutbook, but went directly to adding me as the counselor from our connection. He opened up the merit badge, and voila, he was able to add me as his MBC.

Thanks both for the quick responses, and for the help!


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