Cannot add advancement to den

Hi there,
I am a Webelos Den leader. I have been for years. All of a sudden I cannot add advancements to my den. I can see them all on my dashboard, o can even check off the advancement but cannot add a date or approve them. My BSA number is 135898147. The cubmaster of my pack thinks I may have a duplicate bSA number but that is the only one I have access too.


You do have duplicate BSA Member IDs (MIDs). You are registered with MID 136872599.

I have fixed your Scoutbook account and your ID. I recommend contacting your Council and asking them to merge MIDs 136872599 and 135898147. 136872599 will survive because it is the registered MID with criminal background check.

Thank you so much Ed! I will fix the three duplicates jeesh who knew? Thanks again for your quick help I really appreciate it!

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