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Cannot add electives

I am the CC for our pack and am working to help get our den leaders transitioned to SB. I am the SM for our troop and have used SB for years but have no experience on the den leader side. After going in to set up our AOL den, it auto-populated a years worth of meetings and I see through previous discussions that these are not able to be deleted. (Very sad that this is not an option because it now requires a bunch of time to manually move the meetings into the past to get them off of the calendar). What I am having trouble with is that I cannot add electives to the meetings and I cannot change the order of the required adventures. Is there a way to do this. I supposed that I can change the dates of the actual meeting to change the order of the required pins, but how do I add in electives?

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In my opinion, Packs are better off skipping the Den Leader Experience (log in as den leader) and using Scoutbook instead. You can hide your DLE events by going to the Scoutbook calendar and selecting the Hide Den Leader Experience option.

From the Scoutbook calendar, you can create your own meeting plans and not be tied to those DLE thinks you should be doing.


I agree - While the DLE is a great idea the calendar limitations you mention make it more annoying than it’s usefulness. I am the Committee Chair for our Pack and not one of the den leaders (6 of them) choose to use the tool because of the calendaring issues.

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