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Cannot add leadership role to an Eagle

We have an Eagle scout who is still very active in our troop as an Asst. SPL and we have him marked as such. Under his Eagle rank though it shows 0 days served. We would like it to reflect as currently serving, but cannot find the disconnect.

I can think of three possibilities. The first is that the position isn’t “approved” under the scout’s “leadership”. The second is that the scout’s Eagle rank hasn’t yet been approved by Nationals in the database, and so the leadership isn’t being “filed” under that rank. The third is that there’s a bug of some sort.

Thank you Charley. I checked the first option and he is “approved” under his leadership. He has been this way since 8/2018. And he has been Eagle since then also so I am sure his rank is approved at Nat’l. That leaves a “bug” I am hoping someone will know the fix.

If you are talking about this page, it just looks like it is not recording there - basically because it is not needed, but I will put in a report

Yeah, it does seem like it should show up, even if not required for rank. After all, it displays leadership time in grade at Second Class and below…

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