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Cannot add Scouts to scheduled event; select from overlapping events

We have added three events to July. However, they overlap. When I tried to add the Scouts and adults to the different events Internet Activity will not let me add the Scouts or the leaders who are going on those events.

Where the events overlap, it only shows one of the events.

Chuck Olson
Troop 463
Sandy Springs, GA


Are you trying to add the same type of activity that is overlapping or different log types, for example, Camping, Hiking and Service?

When you say the events overlap, by how much are they overlapping? Could you provide details such as the type of logs and the dates/times of the events so we can try to reproduce the issue.


Will do. I’ll send the information in the morning.


Good morning Ed:

The answer is yes to both.

For example, in July we have three overlapping events entered in the Activities system:

  • Summer Camp @ Camp Grimes begins July 5 and ends July 11 - entered as camping but will have a service project
  • Philmont Trek begins July 2 and ends July 22 - entered as both hiking and camping
  • Summer Camp @ Camp Woodruff begins July 19 and ends July 25 - entered as camping but will include hiking and a service project
    This regularly occurs in my Troop and in several others in our area that have very active outdoor programs. Most camping events also involve hiking and often include service projects. Its not unusual for us to have different crews doing totally different activities on the same weekend in more than one location. During June and July we may have part of the Troop at 2 of the high adventure bases while the troop is at one of its summer camps.

Let me know if you need any more details.



@CharlesOlson - I have found that if it is a singular event on a future date no people can be added. So I do not think the overlap is the issue but rather the future date.

If that is the case then it really limits the utility of the program especially in larger units.

Honestly it would be so for any size unit. If you do a test activity on today’s date even with overlapping you should be able to add people. You can give that a try to at least rule out the overlap as an issue. The test items I entered are all zero values.

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You cannot add participants to events that have not happened yet. Adding participants can only occur when the event has happened

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