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Cannot add Scouts to Service Project [Activity Logs bug]


Yes and the position is checked as approved. See below:

Here is what his membership screens show:

Yes, but do you see the yellow bar on Paden’s main page? He isn’t syncing for some reason. Usually, that means he isn’t on your unit’s Member Manager roster at my.scouting.org or it means that something doesn’t match (full name, DOB, or BSA ID number).

Checking the box next to Position Approved and Updating should put the Scout into sync if the Scout is on your official roster and if everything matches.

According to my Council Registrar, he is on our official roster. We do not manually add Scouts to SB but rather wait for them to appear after the Council has processed their paperwork.

Are you suggesting that I unclick “Position Approved” and then reclick it? If so, I just did that.


Yes. Is the yellow bar still there saying that he’s not synced?


Yellow bar on his account page has disappeared. I tested posting some of the requirements that he completed tonight and they took.

Any idea what was causing the problem?

Thank you.



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