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Cannot change Council for registered scout

I have a scout that we rechartered last year. His profile in Scoutbook still shows his old council and district. I cannot change it. Any advice?
His BSA #137057575

Not sure how much it matters in SB - is the membership and all leadership approved for Scout? might want to try saying Far East Council First - then change to PPC.

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@RobertEberhart As a Troop Admin, you should be able to change the Scout’s district and council on his Edit Profile page.

I can see the council and I can change it to whatever else is in the drop down, but my council is not in the drop down and I can not search for it or manually type it in. There are other councils there, just not mine.

@RobertEberhart I think it’s because of the Scout’s zip code on his Edit Profile page.

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