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Cannot download help manual

Clicking on the link in lower right hand corner of the page does not work. It downloads a file whose name consists of just numbers and no file extension. I tried renaming it to .doc or .pdf but neither will open. This is on windows 10 with up to date chrome browser.

What is the URL for the page, @AaronTitus? It’s not clear what you’re trying to download from where.

@AaronTitus are you referring to this little blue chat bubble in the lower right hand corner?

If so, that’s the help chat/BSA Assistant - nothing to download, but you can type questions for help. It’s extremely useful if you need to reset your password and the “forgot password” link isn’t working.

Ok, so the first responder asked the URL. Well, the URL doesn’t appear to change when you use this site, even when you go into different features. The URL is : https://my.scouting.org/dashboard-legacy
From the menu in the upper left corner, I chose Member Manager. Then, in the lower right hand corner, there is a small rectangular button, with a question mark on it and the label says “Help Manual”. Clicking this pops up an option to download the manual. Yesterday, this would just download a numbered file to my computer that I could not open. Today, it appears to actually open the manual in a new browser tab. So, it looks like someone already fixed the issue. Thanks to those who responded.

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Could have been a browser issue. Glad it healed itself!