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Cannot open partial ranks

I am a scout and when I sign in, then click on my admin then my profile to see my advancements…I am able to open previous ranks like scout and tenderfoot but when I try to access other completed or open partial ranks I get a whoops error that the webmaster has been notified… I am currently trying to finish my life rank and scoutbook now. I longer allows me to see my rank advancements… everything else seems to work ok for now… my scout master is able to see my rank advancement but I cannot,

@JoshuaLaurich I have reported the error screen to the developers. Thank you for reporting it!

Any updates on this item. This is still happening for my sons account

A fix is currently in development & testing. Hopefully, it will go out in the next couple of days.

@JoshuaLaurich @MarkLaurich Please try again. The bug causing the Whoops error for Scouts accessing their own advancement should be fixed now.

Yes thank you it appears to be working now with whatever the fix was implemented… thank you again

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