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Cannot select calendar or event chooses on Android

Cannot select any options in the calendar (eg., Calendar, Event Type, and of course - advancement). The drop-down list appears, but nothing happens when you click on a choice.

Samsung Galaxy s9 plus, running Android 9, Chrome browser.

If you tap multiple times moving all around the item you wish to select, you can get lucky and have it select. It takes me about 20-30 taps to make it select.

This needs to be fixed, but there is a painful workaround.

With the event type, it’s a scrolling list. You scroll down to the event type and select Set. You don’t actually have to tap the event type.

For the rank advancement, I agree that it takes a million little taps to find the right spot. Similarly, the Calendar Type is a problem. Generally, the “spot” appears to be just about 90% of they way to the right border. On an iDevice, it appears that the entire name of the category is hot.

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