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Cannot start Merit Badge for one of my Scouts

I am a patrol admin, assistant scoutmaster and have full access to all scouts. I have one scout that I cannot add merit badges to. When I select start merit badge under his advancement it takes me back to my dashboard instead of to the merit badge selection page. I have no problem doing this for other scouts, and I cannot see anything different this scout’s account. He is in a patrol, and connected to me. I even had the Troop admin attempt to start a merit badge for him within his account login and he got the same result. Any idea on what may be going wrong here?


Go to the Scout’s Membership page and make sure there is not an open Pack membership. What you are seeing is a symptom of a Scout being in both a pack and troop in Scoutbook.

How do you close the pack membership?

I’ll send you a private message so I can get the data I need to do this for you. Look for a green circle on top of the purple circle with white C in the upper right corner of your forum screen.

If you go to the Scout’s Membership page in Scoutbook, click on the pack membership, and then add the date ended.

OK got it working now thanks.

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