Can't access merit badge info from summer camp (possible duplicate accounts?)

I have 2 scouts who went to summer camp with their cousin’s troop in another state, and their merit badges from the summer camp aren’t showing up in Scout Book. It appears that duplicate accounts may have been created, because when I go to “Create Account” and enter their info, the list that pops up includes an account in which the council name is blank (the list also includes another account listing their regular / home council). The account under their home council doesn’t show the merit badges from summer camp, while the other account (with no council listed) doesn’t appear to work. I’ve tried setting up a separate user ID and password for the account with no council, but when I try to log in to that account nothing happens, the login wheel just turns until the page times out and says I have to submit again. I can log into MyScouting with the username & password for the account with no council, but I can’t log into Scout Book with it. Suggestions?

Post the BSA #s and we can take a look - typically advancements do not just appear in SB from a summer camp

Here are the BSA #’s for one of the scouts, by the council listed on the account:
Home council: 136400670
No council: 136829644

Their home troop uses Troop Web Host, rather than Scout Book, so I’m new to how things work in Scout Book (so please forgive my ignorance!). I contacted the summer camp and they said I needed to get on SB to get their merit badge info, or get the leader of the troop they went to summer camp with to access their merit badge info and send me a copy (I can’t seem to get a response from her).

only the Home one exists in Scoutbook

Well if that MyScouting account isn’t linked to any Scout Book account, then that’s a dead end I guess. Thanks for checking it, I appreciate it, at least now I can move on and try to find another solution to the merit badge issue. Any suggestions about how to get my scouts their merit badges, when the summer camp can’t seem to help and the troop leader isn’t responding?

well you said they went with family - stick your family on getting it from their unit.

I asked my sister to bug her about it, and she told her she’d follow up with me. That was 2 weeks ago (and a month since I first emailed her about it) and I still haven’t got any response. I’m sure she’s busy, we all are, it’s just frustrating wondering if they’re ever going to get credit for the work they put in. But I’ll keep prodding and hopefully we’ll get it figured out. Thanks again for the help!

Do you know that the merit badge information was actually entered in Scoutbook (or Internet Advancement) by someone? It doesn’t automatically pop-up just because it was done at camp. Generally someone (either a linked MBC or a unit leader in their unit) has to enter the completions and approve them in order for it to show.

ETA: For example, we had a number of scouts who went to summer camp with our unit out-of-council. That council issued a listing of what had been completed, and one of our troop scouters transcribed that “completion” list into Scoutbook. Any partial MBs have to be followed-up with a registered MBC to complete, but rank advancements and completed MBs can just be “Leader Approved” in Scoutbook, which causes them to show up in the Needs Purchasing report.

Right, being new to Scout Book, I wasn’t sure how it worked. All I knew is the summer camp people told me I needed to look on SB, so that’s what I was trying to do. But since it hasn’t been entered, it sounds like I need to keep leaning on the unit leader to get that done, or at least give me some kind of list that I can give to the unit leader in their home troop so he can enter it into Troop Web Host. Thanks!

Did your scouts not use blue cards at summer camp? Or do they have a different method of tracking progress?

I don’t know what method they used to track progress at the summer camp, which I guess is part of the problem. I was expecting them to come back with blue cards or sign-off sheets showing what they had/hadn’t completed, but they didn’t get anything like that, and it appears nobody has entered anything into SB yet (they went to camp ~2 months ago). So poor communication is part of the problem, I think, which falls on me too for not asking more questions ahead of time…

The one way that it could have ended up in scoutbook is if the MBCs at camp actually used scoutbook to track progress. They’d have needed your scouts’ bsa member numbers to connect to them, though.

I’d assume you were given a number of the SM or someone else in the troop in case of emergency. While this isn’t an emergency, I’d probably give them a call at this point.

@WilliamHeadlee - I personally think the camp entry of merit badge items in scoutbook would be a very rare occurrence. They may have meant you look them up for entry yourself.


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