Can't access Scoutbook with iPhone without WIFI

I am unable to access Scoutbook on my iPhone without being connected to Wifi. Once on Wifi I have no issues. I was able to do this 2-3 weeks ago. This is not a problem with my phone nor data plan as I have zero issues with other sites.

Hunh. It’s working fine for me under Chrome on Android. Does the site not load, or does it just generate a spinner?

Thanks for the question. I captured a screen shot. This is what I see for over 10 min then I give up:

Hrm…I got my son to try logging in from his iphone on mobile data, and it went through almost immediately (well, after he remembered his password).

Any thoughts from the IT peanut gallery?

I’d suggest trying it with an incognito window.

@EdwinRickey - this may also help

The transition from wifi to mobile is not always a clean hand off nor is the handoff from wifi ap to ap.

I appreciate the support and feedback. Here is how I resolved it, and what I think is causing the issue. 1. I cleared cache and browsing history from Safari and Chrome. This did NOT fix the issue. I still had a white screen. I used an incognito window as well and that did NOT work.

I called ATT and asked them to send a network reset signal. After 5 min I attempted to access Scoutbook again. This time I was immediately presented the Log In screen followed by the Recaptcha thing where you have to select pictures. THIS is what I believe is causing the mobile issues, the Recaptcha.

Is the Recaptha necessary? Can you enable me to turn it off?

Thank you all for your valuable time.

Recaptha is a necessary evil - BSA servers had begun to get pounded by bots.

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