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Can't add advancement or awards in one scout acct

I have one scout where I can access his account in scoutbook and view his rank advancements and awards but when I try to edit a MB or rank it kicks me back to the home page. This is the only time and only scout this happens to. I am connected and have full control. Any fixes

Take a look at the scout’s memberships. This often happens when a scout has a residual membership in a pack. If there is a pack membership, set an end date and retry the advancement entry.

@RaymondMiller2 What is the Scout’s first name? We can take a look.

His first name is Richmond.

Richmond has a hanging Webelos membership.

If you go to Richmond’s Membership page in Scoutbook, you should be able to click on it and add an end date.

I put an end date according to his crossover date and now it has unsynced him with council. I am now able to edit but I got an alert that says it wont save because it is not synced anymore. How do I sync?

go to his membership in Scoutbook and Unapprove it and save - then go back and approve it and save

I have a newly bridged Scout from our pack into our troop. He still does not have the red A with the circle letting us know we can add achievements. I contacted my council who suggested to turn on accept applications online. I have turned on the feature “adult applications online”, but there is nothing stating turn on youth applications. My new Scout still does not have the red A with the circle. We cannot add achievements. Have looked at the help section which gives some of the checks that might be missing then I contacted my council. What am I missing?


@GabrielaMcKeown go to his membership in Scoutbook and Unapprove it and save - then go back and approve it and save

Still no red A. The other changes I made happened almost immediately. Should it take 24 hours?

@GabrielaMcKeown no it is instant - what is the BSA # of Scout - we do not need name

Member number: 134695718


The Scout is not registered in your troop. Until he is, you will not be able to approve advancement.

According to my council, I only needed to transfer him through Scoutbook and no need for paperwork. So what you see is that he must fill out paperwork correct?

Paperwork or a Parent or Pack leader can use a new tool

MYST Transfer tool.pdf (194.6 KB)

I am COR and CC for the Troop. Do I have the capability? I am going to try it.

you do not cause he is not in your unit - unless you are COR of Pack.

I am COR of both units.

The Council is wrong. Transferring a Scout in Scoutbook does not update the registration in ScoutNET/Akela. Some councils have a transfer form, others require a new youth application to be submitted.

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Ok. So parent can use the PDF you sent earlier to transfer her son then I would go into my.scouting to accept him? I am sorry about the multiple questions, but I am trying to understand the process and procedures.