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Can't add advancement or awards in one scout acct

parents can or exiting unit leaders - that is at bottom of page 2

Ok. Have asked the parent to transfer him. Will write back once she has done this.
Thank you.

The parent has tried to transfer her son. She is also our Cubmaster. She gets an error
Failed to transfer Youth Name: ID number. Person has no parent/guardian relationship in our records. They refer us to contact our council, but it seems you guys should see this error.

did she try through Roster or My Applications?

She used Roster because under My Applications her transferring son isn’t there. She can only see her other son. She took a video of it, but don’t know how to send it to you privately.

means council does not have her as parent for him

I understand. How odd that they wouldn’t have it.

probably just means dad filled out first application

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