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Can't add den leader for Lions den

I have tried to add a leader to the Lions den and I continue to get an error saying "Whoops! We encountered an error trying to process your request.

Our webmaster has been notified and will fix it ASAP!"

How are you searching for the leader? @RonaldNewcomb

By name. The den leader is already a den leader for the Tiger den. I also tried to add myself and received the same error message.

@RonaldNewcomb is the Den Approved?

I would also check whether you’re adding a Tiger Den Leader vs a Den Leader. It’s an indisyncrasy that only Tiger and Webelos Dens have “named” den leaders.

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When I hit submit it tells me that I’m successful. Otherwise, I don’t know how to tell.

Since the Lion Den Leader is already a Tiger Den Leader, go to the leader’s position page and click +Add to add the position. Searching for an adult that is already a leader in the unit has issues.

Just go to the Scouters page and make them Den Admin - case closed

That worked. Thank you!

She was already an admin. However, I was able to add her as a Lion Den leader under her profile instead of the den. Thank you.

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