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Can't Add Parent's to New Scout

I’m adding new scouts to my Pack (Pack 3217, Sooner District, Last Frontier Council) in Scoutbook. Typically I’m able to add new parents via the “Add Parent(s)” link on the scouts profile page. When I select this link I am returned to the Pack/Unit main menu/screen. From here I can re-access the new scout, select the add parent link, and the process continues. Our pack has been Scoutbook users for many years and we have never had this issue.

Is this a bug in Scoutbook? Is there some new process for adding parents? Do I not have proper permission for adding scouts/parents.

I’m the Cubmaster and the Unit Admin in Scoutbook…permissions have never been an issue in the past.

Your quick help with this issue would be greatly appreciated as the issue is preventing us from communicating with new scout families.

Thank you,

@AaronBrunner is the Scouts SB Membership in an Approved state? If it is not approve it and try again. If it is or if that fails to fix it do this: Go to unit > Roster > click YOU > click Admin > click Update - then try again

@AaronBrunner You appear to have 3 BSA member numbers, and your single sign on was connected to the wrong BSA member number. This should be fixed now.

Thanks @JenniferOlinger…that appears to be part of the problem. I have no idea how I got three membership numbers. I can now view the Connection Manager, which is great. Unfortunately I appear to have lost my “Full Control” status for all scouts in my pack except for my own sons. Is it possible to have my full control status restored for all scouts?

I do not know if this will fix my inability to add parents, but it certainly will help.

Hi @DonovanMcNeil
I don’t appear to have permission to approve positions. This may be part of the issue identified by @JenniferOlinger regarding my multiple accounts. I’m still working to get my full control status returned for all scouts, and maybe this will allow me to approve scouts. I appear to still have a valid Pack Admin status.

Maybe I don’t understand how to approve positions, I don’t recall it being an issue in the past.

I just re-set your Pack Admin role, so please try again.

@JenniferOlinger - I think that may have fixed the issue! Thank you. I need to do some digging, but I’m hopeful that I’m set! I’ll respond here if there are any additional items.

Thank you and @DonovanMcNeil

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