Can't add wife to scouts account - no search!

My wife is added to my sons account.

Trying to add to my daughters, but when I Add New it says its a duplicate account.

Help file says to search, but there is no search function available.

What to do?

There is a known issue with searching. The only workaround currently is to have your Council add your wife as a parent in Akela. 24 to 48 hours later your wife should be connected to your Scout in Scoutbook.


My local scout troop tells me I have to do it online.

How to connect with the council?

If they are in the same unit, a unit leader can create a connection using connections manager on the roster page. Then, they’d go to the scout’s connection page and modify the connection to parent/guardian.

They are not unfortunately

You can use the directory on the Scoutbook home page to find the contact information for your Council.

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