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Can't delete an an activity in IA on the phone in safari

I’m doing a presentation on Scoutbook at Roundtable tomorrow. I was asked to show how to add camping nights. My “neat-o” approach will be to try to do the whole thing on my iPhone with the HDMI cable to show that this is really good on “mobile” or “mobile first” as they say. I have always added camping nights on the desktop. I can still delete them there by taking out the last person and then it asks “do you want to delete” and a couple of other options. There doesn’t seem to be a way to do this on the phone. I even tried “request desktop website”. There is no “x” by the person and a long tap doesn’t bring anything up.

So what?

Well it would be nice to fix. And maybe this is why a lot of people still say they can’t delete activities even though at least I still could when I got back to a desktop?

Anyway, I thought it was interesting to see mention.

@Matt.Johnson I just checked and it was there on hikes, service logs, and camping (iOS mobile in Safari). There may be a bug or quirk with certain logs and when they were created. I couldn’t adjust one from February, but could for May, June and July. Also, there is a known bug with not being able to delete personal vs unit activities.

Oooh! The plot thickens!

I think this is a unit activity, right since it shows my unit?

Notice no x.

Wait, maybe you are right. I created one with 2 Scouts and they have x’s. I could delete this on the desktop if that helps.

Ok. I guess it is just the known bug. I didn’t understand unit vs not activity. It looks like a better description is an activity with only one person. If I have my 2 daughters (non-unit?), I get the x’s.

@Matt.Johnson that may be the bug, events with only one participant are not showing the “x” to delete the participant/event. I will make sure this has been reported to the developers.

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