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Can't enter advancement information

I am trying to update advancements for a couple scouts. When I go to their advancement page, find the adventure and click on it to expand; instead of taking me to the tasks in that adventure, I am kicked back to my dashboard. It was working a week or so ago, what am I missing?

What are your current positions in the pack (as listed in the My Positions tab in Scoutbook)? Are they all Approved?

When you look under My Connections at the connection to the scouts in question, what are the connection settings? Edit Advancement is the minimum to enter advancement information.

Another possibility is that the scout or scouts currently have two memberships in Scoutbook and one is not in the correct den level (or not in a den at all).

This typically happens when a Scout has an open membership in both the den and the pack. Go to the Scout’s membership page and if there is an open membership for both, click on the pack membership, enter an end date then click update.

It looks like your Scouts need to be assigned to dens in Scoutbook.

Ask a Pack Admin to create the dens. Then on the den page, use the “Reassign Scout(s)” button to quickly move Scouts in to the den.

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