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Can't find MB counselor

Need some help. In the fall I was able to access a list of merit badge counselors by ZIP code. Now I can only search by name or email. If the counselor has a common enough name but does not show up in the first 10 choices how do you advance to another page of counselors with the same name across this country? Or how do I get back to a search field that allows me to choose the ZIP code?

On the Find Merit Badge Counselor page you can change the zip code where your search begins. If you already know the name of the MBC, it is best to search on the Scout’s connection page by the MBC’s e-mail address in Scoutbook. The search on the connection page is always by distance from the Scout’s zip code.

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The zip code / distance search is the only one I have now, I wish we could still search by name or email.

There are 2 places where you can search. The MB Counselor Search on the Troop page has never allowed searching by name or e-mail. To search for a specific counselor by name or e-mail (preferred) is done on the Scout’s Connections page.

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So if I were to learn how to search by zip code, could I add the desired counselor to my son’s connections? Really would appreciate being able to advance through the list until I found the person I need. In this remote environment there are some really awesome opportunities that are not bound by proximity but BSA has a myopic view and wants to force me close to home. Please open up the capability to search nationwide. Some Covid-required adjustments should not end after restrictions are over.

@SarahPayne- this is what I see for an MBC search:

Once I locate the MBC in that list I can go the scout > connections and add that person.

Leaders can already search nationwide, but MBCs have to have their listing preference in Scoutbook set to “Any Council (Worldwide)” in order to show up in the search outside of their own council.

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The search capability is already worldwide, however, it is up to each individual MBC to decide the service area.

For example, if you use the MBC search and start your search in 55044, 10 miles for Digital Technology, unless you are in Northern Star Council, I am the only MBC that will appear even though there are 12 Digital Technology MBCs in this area.

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