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Can't record service hours in MyScouting. Only has report Eagle Project

The selection for reporting service hours is missing. The choices are Report Eagle Scout Project/hours & View last reports. What happened to reporting hours? We can safely do service hours during COVED-19. We did highway clean up with one family group of Scout on each side of road.

I believe that the old service hours reporting process has been subsumed into the new activity logs. There is guidance on using the new logs here:

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It appears this is the site being noted:
and indeed the service hours reports for JTE is within the new activities module.

So what you’re telling me is that MyScouting took away the opportunity to record service hours unless I do it through Scoutbook? I use different electronic software than Scoutbook & don’t plan on changing, nor do I plan on recording in 2 sites. i.e. creating activities so as to record service hours for BSA. At this point, I will not report the service hours to JTE via Scoutbook. I hope that BSA puts the hour recording back in place.

The new place to record service hours for JTE is via Internet Advancement 2.0.

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I don’t actually understand your concern other than the website has changed. This doesn’t require you to stop using your old software, nor does it require the service hours to be entered in two spots. It is in one spot, just a different one from before. An advantage is that it uses your same my.scouting login vs having to have one specific for service hours.

It won’t be going back, this is the new system. It actually isn’t in Scoutbook, but in IA2. You can access it via my.scouting.org, scoutbook.scouting.org, or via a link in scoutbook.com. It uses the same login you have for my.scouting.org.

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Thanks Matt for the explanation. I do not recall receiving this info & I had last recorded in March. I’ll check it out.

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@JohnSchloemer - if you visit the site servicehours.scouting.org they have that information above the login boxes.

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Thanks everyone for the assistance. I did use IA2 to record our last service hours. This new way of recording is more cumbersome than before, but I will use it. The login was no problem on the old system for me. Glad we have forum to communicate that is helpful and not judgemental.

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