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Can't RSVP on Scoutbook

When I click on profile to RSVP for an event, it won’t let me click on anything.

Often when this happens RSVP is not turned on for the event - an Admin needs to check that

Other people were able to RSVP, so it is turned on.

ok are you trying to RSVP for you or your Scout @WilliamBarrett?

My son Ryan Barrett.

ok try this (might have to do 2 ways)

  1. Go to unit Roster
  2. find son
  3. click connections
  4. find you and click
  5. click UPDATE and nothing else

I think that should fix it

He’s already connected to me. And I couldn’t find roster to click on from dashboard.

Clicking update fixed it. Thank you.

It sounds like your connection is broken - I am telling you how to fix it
You can do it one of 2 ways
1 Click on the Unit itself - then Go to unit Roster
2 find son
3 click connections
4 find you and click
5 click UPDATE and nothing else

You can try going to your Scouts page > Click Connections and following the steps - that sometimes does not work though

Clicking update fixed it. Thank you.

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