Can't Transfer In a Scout

I am trying to transfer into my unit a scout from another unit and I am getting the following error:

“Transfer/Multiple transaction failed. Invalid request: “term” must be larger than or equal to 1, “expiryDt” must be larger than or equal to “effectiveDt””

The member id of the scout is 135545348 she is in the Crossroads of America Council and I am trying to transfer her into Troop 222, Monon District, Crossroads of America Council.

Thank You,

It sounds like the expiration date (expiryDt), either for your charter or the scout’s registration, has already passed as of when you’re attempting the transfer (effectiveDt).


The recharter for Troop 222 is On Hold. You will need to contact your Council for assistance.

I suspected that was the issue, but wanted to check just in case.