Can't update bio

I have been trying to figure out how to update my bio information on scout book. I am a parent of a cub scout and a while back I was able to put in my scouting experience, but that seems to be unable to be updated at this point. Am I missing something?

It’s a known issue, but the plan/timing for remediation hasn’t been published by BSA. That’s pretty typical, though, as generally users only find out about a bug fix when it’s released.

It is an interesting question as it is discussed. In old forums, the bio would show there for others; not sure where, if any where, it shows for any others now.

It shows up if you click on an MBC is the MBC report

This could be actually a good use for it. Even change it to mention that MBC should have a well filled in bio. It could help SMs ID good fits for their scouts when deciding on MBC’s to suggest they don’t know.

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